Interested in serving on a Board or Committee?  Terms annually expire in July, but often times there are openings during the calendar year.  If you are interested in being appointed to a committee you can complete an Application Form (link below) and return it to the Village Hall at any time.

Application for Appointment
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 Planning Commission

Unlike the Village Council which is a body made up of elected officials for the people, the Planning Commission is body of appointed individuals of the people.  Members of the Planning Commission are intended to represent the various interests found in the community.  This balance is intended to allow members of the Planning Commission to act independently of political considerations that elected officials must account for.  The planning commission acts in a formal, advisory role, making recommendations to the Village Council. The most fundamental implementation tool is zoning. The zoning ordinance establishes regulations for the use of land and some standards for development within identified zoning district boundaries.  One of the duties of the Planning Commission is to review and recommend all zoning ordinances to the Village Council.  In addition to this, they are also charged drafting the Master Plan and also with approval of certain projects depending on whether or not a Site Plan or a Special Land Use permit is required.   The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. 

Members  Term Expires
 Tom Courser
 Amy Ervin 2023
 Farzad Tafreshi 2021
 Mike Simon 2021
 Robert Laraway 2021
 Dave McGrath 2022
 John Dauffenbach

Planning Commission By-laws

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears appeals, evaluates requests for interpretations and approves or denies dimensional and use variances from the zoning code. A variance is permission from the ZBA to allow a deviation from the zoning code due to a practical difficulty or unreasonable nature of applying the zoning code in a particular situation.  The ZBA in Lake Isabella does not have the authority to grant a use variance, only variances related to the structure or land.  Members of the ZBA are required to be electors in the community.

 Members  Term Expires
 Lee Prince  2023
 Dave McGrath  2020
 Angela Schofield
 Jeff Grey
 Jim Ervin

Board of

Created by Section 18.03 of the Village Charter, the Village has an  independent  Board  of  Ethics  to  administer  and  enforce  the  conflict  of  interest  and  financial  disclosure  ordinances.    No  member  of  the  board  may  hold  elective  or  appointed  office  under  the  Village  or  any  other  government  or hold  any  political  party  office.  The Board of Ethics has the authority to conduct hearings  and  deliberations,  issue  referrals  for  disciplinary  hearings  and  refer  violations  of  this  Ordinance, Village Charter, or state or federal criminal statutes to the attention of the appropriate prosecuting attorney with a request for the filing of the appropriate criminal prosecution enforcement. 

 Members  Term Expires
 Erin Williams
 Aaron Dore  2021
 Richard Kulin  2022