Interested in becoming more involved in your community? The Village is always accepting applications from community-minded individuals that want to get more involved. Regular terms expire annually in July, with appointments made at the June Village Council meeting. 

Curious about what each board does in our organization. Check out the table below.
Board Function
The Village Council is the legislative body of the community. It consists of seven members elected by the public to four-year terms. The Village Charter entrusts the Council with the duty to provide for the public peace, public health and well-being, safety, and general welfare of the community.

The Village Council sets the budget for the organization, hires and reviews the Village Manager, adopts all ordinances, approves contracts, and sets the annual millage rate. The Village Council is the final authority in adopting the community's Master Plan.

The Planning Commission provides community leadership on local planning and development policy.  It is an appointed body that advises the Village Council on planning matters. The Planning Commission has the responsibility to prepare a master plan, which influences the regulations and standards in the zoning ordinance and any future changes to it.

The Planning Commission is also responsible for the approval of Site Plans and Special Land Use Permits. Commissioners are responsible to ensure that new development fits the community’s vision for a given site, with help from professional staff or consultants.

Finally, the Planning Commission is the main forum for discussion of changes to the Zoning Ordinance text and map. Changes can be proposed by property owners, the general public, or the Planning Commission itself, but regardless, the Planning Commission must hold a public hearing before recommending any zoning changes to the Village Council.

Zoning Board
of Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hears and decides appeals to the interpretation and application of the zoning code, or to hear appeals for a variance from the minimum zoning code requirements. The ZBA is tasked with interpreting any and all provisions of the zoning code in a manner that seeks to carry out the interests and general purposes of the code.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has the authority to grant, modify, or deny any requested variances. Any actions taken by the board must be supported by known facts based on conditions, including practical difficulties, unnecessary hardships, smf exceptional circumstances. All decisions made by the ZBA must be firmly based in the long-term interests of the community and conform to the criteria established in the zoning code decisions.
Board of Ethics The Board of Ethics is created by the Village Charter and acts as an independent body that handles complaints against any officer or employee of the organization on matters addressed by the Village's adopted Ethics Ordinance. Members of the Village Council and Village Manager are required to annually complete and submit a disclosure statement about any possible conflict of interest that is forwarded to the board for review.
Lake Restoration Committee

The Lake Restoration Committee is a committee with three members from the Village Council, three from the LIPOA Board, and three from the community. The committee is tasked with oversight and planning for the proposed lake restoration and dredging project.

The committee's primary functions are budgeting and financial matters for the lake restoration project, overseeing community engagement related to the project, and planning and scheduling work done in the lake restoration effort. There is no residency requirement for the three at-large positions open to the community.

The committee has been formed to guide the work done in preparation for presenting a new standalone lake restoration proposal before the community at a Special Election in 2023. If the voters approve, the committee will continue its oversight and planning role in the project.

If you are concerned about time commitment from serving on any of the boards in the organization, the table below may be helpful to determine which opportunity is the best fit for your schedule.
Board Regular Meeting Day & Time Average Annual Meetings Average Meeting Length
3rd Tuesday of the month,
7 PM.
A regular monthly meeting, and the possibility of one or two Work Sessions during the calendar year. 2 hours
2nd Tuesday of the month,
7 PM,
A regular monthly meeting, often times taking a month off based on workload for an annual average of about 9 meetings. 2 hours
Zoning Board
of Appeals
4th Tuesday of the month,
5:30 PM.
One or two meetings a year as needed. 1 hour
Board of Ethics As needed & TBD One meeting a year as needed. 1 hour
Lake Restoration Committee TBD TBD - It is anticipated that during the planning phase of the project, the committee may need meet as frequently as every other week. up to 2 hours is anticipated

If you are interested serving, please complete the form below for consideration.  Thank you for your interest in serving our community!