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Village of Lake Isabella Charter

Since originally adopted by the community in  1998 the Village Charter has been amended several times.  A complete Copy of the Village Charter as most recently amended in 2016 can be found below:

Village Charter, As Amended 2016

Village of Lake Isabella Proposed Ordinances

Depending on the type of ordinance being adopted, the Village will hold either one or two public hearings before the Village Council acts on a draft.  In addition to the public hearings, during all meetings of the Planning Commission and Village Council there are also two additional public comment periods where your input can be offered during the process.  This flow chart outlines the process used by the Village when adopting ordinances.

Ordinance #  Summary Status
2017-02 An ordinance to amend the development criteria for all of the uses contained in the zoning code. A Public Hearing will be held at the August 21, 2018 Village Council meeting.
2018-05 An amendment to the zoning code text mainly pertaining to the regulation of attached and detached garages. Currently being drafted.
2018-07 An amendment to the zoning code text addressing changes to certain required setbacks in the zoning code. A Public Hearing is scheduled for the August 14, 2018, Planning Commission meeting.
2018-08 An amendment to the zoning code text updated the code's regulation of the Planning Commission. A Public Hearing is scheduled for the August 14, 2018, Planning Commission meeting.

General Police Power Ordinances

  Article II - Village Administration
     Chapter 202  Administration of Ordinances
 Chapter 212  Special Assessments
 Chapter 214  Single Parcel Special Assessments
 Chapter 222  Municipal Civil Infractions
 Chapter 232  Ethics
 Chapter 242  Village Manager
 Chapter 244  Purchasing Policy
 Chapter 252  Boards & Committees
 Chapter 262  Code Enforcement
 Chapter 264  Department of Public Works
 Chapter 266  Department of Public Safety
  Article IV - Transportation & Streets
   Chapter 402  Uniform Traffic Code
 Chapter 404  Off Road Vehicles
 Chapter 422  Parking
 Chapter 432  Private Roads, Easements, & Joint Driveways
  Article VI - General Nuisance Regulations
   Chapter 602  Animal Control
 Chapter 614  Trespassing
 Chapter 616  Fireworks
 Chapter 618  Outdoor Storage of Raw Materials
 Chapter 622  Noise & Vibration
 Chapter 624  Smoke & Burning
 Chapter 626  Noxious Odors
 Chapter 632  Signs
 Chapter 636  Land Division Regulation
 Chapter 642  Blight
 Chapter 644  Keeping of Vehicles
 Chapter 646  Rummage Sale & Vehicle/Trailer Sales
 Chapter 652  Right-of-Way Regulations
 Chapter 654  Truck Routes
 Chapter 656  Uniform House Numbering
 Chapter 662  Swimming Pools
 Chapter 664  Outdoor Furnaces
  Article VIII - Taxation & Business Regulation
   Chapter 802  General Ad Valorem Tax
 Chapter 812  Peddling & Soliciting
Chapter 822  Refuse Hauler Licensing
 Chapter 832  Rental Housing Standards
  Article X - Utilities & Construction
   Chapter 1002  Single State Construction Act
 Chapter 1012  METRO Act
 Chapter 1022  Consumers Energy Natural Gas Utility Franchise
 Chapter 1032  Michigan Consolidated Natural Gas Utility Franchise
 Chapter 1042  Homeworks Tri-County Electric Utility Franchise

Zoning Ordinances

 Chapter 1202  Intent
 Chapter 1204  Definitions
 Chapter 1210  Lots in Common Ownership
 Chapter 1212  General Provisions
 Chapter 1214  Site Plans
 Chapter 1216  Condominiums
 Chapter 1218  Communication Towers
 Chapter 1220  Accessory Structures
 Chapter 1222  Fences & Walls
 Chapter 1226  Borrow Pits
 Chapter 1230  Non-Conforming Uses, Structures, & Land
 Chapter 1232  Districts
 Chapter 1234  Lake Residential 1 (LR-1)
 Chapter 1236  Lake Residential 2 (LR-2)
 Chapter 1238  Lake Residential 3 (LR-3)
 Chapter 1240  Airport Residential (AR)
 Chapter 1242  Commercial (C-1)
 Chapter 1244  Airport Commercial (AC)
 Chapter 1246  Coldwater Business Districts (CBD)
 Chapter 1248  Research & Light Manufacturing (RLM)
 Chapter 1250  Agricultural (Ag)
 Chapter 1252  Waterfront Shoreland Overlay
 Chapter 1254  Open Space Recreational (OSR)
 Chapter 1256  Accessory Structures in Non-Residential Districts
 Chapter 1258  Chalet Overlay District
 Chapter 1260  Permitted & Special Land Use Matrix
 Chapter 1262  Special Land Uses
 Chapter 1272  Home Occupations
 Chapter 1276  Day Care & Child Care Centers
 Chapter 1282  Planned Unit Development (PUD)
 Chapter 1292  Off-Street Parking
 Chapter 1294  Regulation of Funneling
 Chapter 1302  Zoning Board of Appeals
 Chapter 1304  Planning Commission
 Chapter 1312  Administration
 Chapter 1322  Amendments & Moratoriums
 Appendix  Zoning Map

Complete Copy of the Zoning Code, as of May 1, 2017