July 2017 Update

Since 2008 the Village of Lake Isabella has been working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD), and Isabella County Board of Public Works (BPW) to resolve the problem of what is locally known as “unbuildable lots.”  Through this collaborative effort, these four organizations have been able to successfully address the unbuildable lots issue in three of those five plats.

Lake Isabella Airpark:  Restrictions fully lifted in 2009.

Canterbury Estates:  Restrictions fully lifted in 2009.

Lake Isabella North:  In 2013 the various stakeholders entered into an agreement to lift the restrictions for this plat.  In the event that an individual location does not meet the requirements to obtain a permit for an on-site septic system the property owner then becomes eligible to enter into a lot-swapping agreement with the Village for suitable property elsewhere in the plat.  That process is detailed in this flow chart which outlines the steps followed.

Lake Isabella South & Lake Isabella Golf Estates 2:  The Village is continuing to work with the other stakeholders to finalize a document that would create a system of progressive treatment options for lots which are not suitable for a conventional on-site septic system. The Village Council approved submitting an updated draft for the consideration of the State of Michigan at its July meeting.